The New England Patriots have one of the youngest defenses in football, and no group shows more potential than the linebackers. Jerod Mayo is in his 5th season with the Patriots, Brandon Spikes is in his 3rd season, and Dont'a Hightower is in his rookie season.

And these guys all share the connection of all playing in the SEC at college, Mayo at Tennessee, Spikes at Florida and Hightower at Alabama. And this interview certainly shows there's still lingering rivalry between the group.

What I love about the linebacking group is that they seem like a group that are so competitive, they're all going to try to step up to outdo each other, which will make them better players. Although, not so competitive that they don't get along.

This group has so much potential. Mayo is the leader, Spikes is the hitter, and Hightower has the versatility, which together makes them a pretty scary group in years to come. We saw how good the San Francisco 49ers linebacker group was first hand on Monday night, and I think these three, with better pass defense, can match that group in future years.

Here's the great interview they did ahead of the Niners game:


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Brendan Annely 12/18/2012 12:38:00 PM Edit

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