For most teams who make Super Bowl runs consistently you think of a team with great balance. Or, if there isn't a great balance, defense is usually the strong suit.

When it comes to the Patriots that isn't the case. The Patriot's defense was a "bend don't break" defense last season and made it to the Super Bowl. This season even with a great draft on the defensive side of the ball, the defense is very much the same: giving up a ton of passing yards. But thats all right, as long as they dont "break".

Take a look at the passing stats of the opposing quarterback in our 3 Super Bowl victories last decade:

Kurt Warner: 365 yards
Jake Delhomme: 323 yards
Donovan McNabb: 357 yards

But! The keyword here is But! But the turnover difference during the playoffs in 2001 was plus-6, plus-3 in 2003, and plus-10 in 2004. It's not all about how many yards are given up, turnovers are key!

It didn't work out as well last year but this defense is much improved and it the majority of the starters are healthy I like our chances.

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Stats: Boston Herald

Joe Loubier 12/02/2012 04:57:00 AM Edit

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