Boston Heralds' writer Jeff Howe wrote a fantastic article for Friday's paper about New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Definitely give it a read if you can; "Preparing for success: Pats follow lead of Belichick with unmatched passion for study". Here's the online version. Anyways, the article explains something that fans have always known, yet sometimes don't think twice about. Bill Belichick's passion for football.

Players are always highly praised for their work ethic. This is a characteristic that separates the good from the greats, and the greats from the legends. Quarterback Tom Brady is historically famous for his incomparable drive. That is historically however, as the Patriots now have a younger star that is the first player in the team's complex, and also the last one out. Linebacker Jerod Mayo is the culprit, and he takes much pride in it. This work ethic is the reason why not many are surprised that the defensive captain was elected to his second Pro Bowl.

It's hard to imagine a person that works harder than Mayo, but there is one. Coach Belichick. Mayo had some words for his coach:

"I like to think that I come in early and leave late, but he's always here before me and always leaving after me," said Mayo. "He enjoys the game. You can tell he enjoys the tactical part of the game as well. He's an intellect when it comes down to football, and I can appreciate that."

If Tom Brady is the heart of the team, then Bill Belichick is the brains. Everyone in the organization knows this too. There's a reason that this team is always competitive, even when Brady was injured in 2008 (the team went 11-5). That reason, is Belichick.

Anthony Aidonidis 1/18/2013 04:11:00 PM Edit

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