Boomer Esiason: Belichick gives people a reason to hate him

After declining an interview following the Patriots loss to the Ravens yesterday, CBS analyst Shannon Sharp called Bill Belichick out. Sharp called him a "sore loser" and said that the he makes it "real easy for you to root against the Patriots." Well, here we are a day later and fellow CBS analyst Boomer Esiason essentially reiterated what his colleague had to say. Here's the quote from Boomer:
Unfortunately it’s not in Bill’s nature,” Esiason said today on WEEI. “For all those people who want to have a reason to hate Bill Belichick, well, he gives it to them. And I can understand why Shannon said what he said. I’ve been down this road before. I’ve come to expect it.”
Esiason has had some words for Belichick's lack of charm with the media in the past, also. In 2007, following the '06 AFC Championship Game in which the Patriots fell to the Colts, Belichick wasn't easy to talk to for an interview. Here's it is...

Esiason wasn't pleased with Bill, to say the least. He ripped Belichick in the postgame analysis and had this to say:
I was pretty disgusted with Belichick,” Esiason said in 2007. “I’ve interviewed him on my MSG show. It’s hard. It’s really hard. I don’t think he does it on purpose. I just think he doesn’t know any better. I just thought it was unprofessional.”
So Belichick and the media don't necessarily work well together. . . shocker! Is that really a reason to hate him? So he doesn't really like being in the spotlight, is that such a bad thing? I can understand that it's frustrating trying to get an answer from the guy but that's not a reason to hate him or his team. Belichick only does the postgame press conference that is required of him: sue the guy. When it comes down to it, maybe Belichick is a sore loser. Patriots fans shouldn't be phased by this though, because it's the sore losers that work the hardest to get back on top.