Danny Amendola to Replace Wes Welker?

Rotoworld's most recent news about St. Louis Rams Free Agent, Danny Amendola, is that it is "definitely possible" that he will become a New England Patriot.

I had two trains of thought. First, what the hell?!?! This is the same guy who has not played a full season since 2010 (one game in 2011, and eleven games this past season). He ordinarily averages under nine yards per catch, and he scores very few touchdowns - yes I realize that could be a product of being on the Rams, but still, he is no Dwayne Bowe!

My second train of thought said, are we replacing Wes Welker with the poor man's Wes Welker? Welker not only knows the system, but Brady has called him the heart and soul of the New England Patriots. Wes Welker almost as many catches as Danny Amendola gets targets! Amendola even does punt and kickoff returns, and he does them worse than Wes Welker and Julian Edelman. I understand there is a business, but - excuse me - what the fuck! Of course you are going to have to pay a guy who has had over 111 catches in every full season he has played in New England. Welker out does Amendola in every statistical category. I don't want some Wes Welker wannabe (he even went so far as to go to Texas Tech too) taking the place of Wes Welker when we should, in fact, have Wes Welker!

I will once again stick to my guns and say sign Welker, sign Edelman, and sign Dwayne Bowe. Then look at who the Patriots could have catching Brady's passes when they are all healthy - Dwayne Bowe on one side, Brandon Lloyd on the other, Welker in the slot, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez at Tight Ends, sign Woodhead and then you have he and Edelman in special packages. DON'T GIVE ME DANNY AMENDOLA! GIVE ME BOWE OR GIVE ME DEATH!