Both my boys

Hey Tom,

It's Terry Peterson, A loyal fan and a person that truly appreciates all that you have done.

I have not been the longest tenured fan, I haven't watched plenty of your games this season due to work, and I barely know anything about you other then that you wear number 12 and girls think you are super attractive. All I am asking from you is that you win on Sunday and play in another Super Bowl, so you can finally win your 4th Super Bowl ring.

I have been a fan since 2006, when you lost in the AFC title game against the Colts. I lost a bet to my friend, who said the Colts would win the championship that year. I became a fan of the Patriots ever since. Growing up, I knew nothing about football, I seriously thought the games were only played on Monday, hence Monday Night Football. I became a fan of the sport after that game, and it was because of you I became a huge football fan.

The next season you almost had a historic year. I know individually you did, but its all about the team and the championship for you and you could not get it done. The following year you got injured and the year after that we let the Ravens murder us on our home field. You came back with another MVP season but to lose to the Jets in the first game (who I hate almost as much as I hate the Los Angeles Lakers). Last year, we were one Wes Welker-catch away from winning the Super Bowl. My boy Ray Smith and I were devastated, as I bet so was yourself.

This year, I can feel it, it is our team. Boston sports have been dry from championships for a couple years, we need you to bring this one home. I love your class, what the whole organization stands for, and I will actually be able to watch the game this Sunday, only my third all year. Please Tom, make it not my last, we need redemption in the Super Bowl. I admire you and hope you play well. Much love man thanks.

Your fan,

Terry P

PS- The Giants are no longer in the hunt, this is definitely our year!

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Terry P =) 1/18/2013 07:00:00 PM Edit

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