Don't ask Logan Mankins about SpyGate, he'll try to fight you

So yesterday a reporter brought up the topic of SpyGate to Logan Mankins.

It didn't turn out so well..

...The straight-shooting Mankins gave a dose of his honest personality to a national reporter who asked if “Spygate” comments, like those from Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo on Twitter earlier this week, still get Mankins fired up.

"Nah, that was a long time ago," brushed off Mankins.

The reporter kept digging, asking if the reference "got under his skin at all."

"No, but you are," Mankins retorted, smiling.

Now without seeing a video of this we don't really know if he was joking or not. I'm willing to bet he was.

Still, I have no doubt that if this conversation went on longer, was in a private setting, and the guy wasn't a member of the media surrounded by other members of the media, Logan Mankins would beat the crap out of this guy. Mankins is one tough dude. Did you know he owns a ranch that's completely self-sufficient? That's a smart decision right there. It's also a bad ass one. He also starts fights with 400 lb defensive lineman all the time.