Jets QB competition or controversy?

Not talking about the New York Jets in recent weeks has been bittersweet. On one hand, we haven't had to deal with constant SportsCenter coverage of Jets practice or Tim Tebow running with his shirt off. On the other hand, I personally had a blast laughing at Mark Sanchez and the now infamous "ButtFumble". The Jets had an absolute train-wreck of a season. I know that you all know about it by now but I just love bringing it up... Anyways, since they haven't been brought up in a while that means it's just about that time. 

We know now that Rex Ryan will be returning as the head coach and General Manager Mike Tannenbaum got the pink slip. I think the biggest question now is at the starting quarterback position. With Tim Tebow presumably being traded, that would leave Sanchez and former Alabama QB Greg McElroy competing for the job. The problem is that both seemed to lack any signs of being a solid starter this season, granted McElroy only had one start.
Mark Sanchez threw only 13 touchdowns to go along with his 18 interceptions. That, along with less than 3,000 yards passing contributed to his 66.9 passer rating. To top it off he had another 14 fumbles (8 lost). He finally got benched after his rough game against the Titans, in which the loss officially knocked the Jets out of playoff contention. Greg McElroy was given the nod for the penultimate game against the Chargers. After a lackluster performance with 11 sacks and a concussion for McElroy, Sanchez started the final game of the season.

Neither of the quarterbacks showed any sort of spark that could carry a team clearly desperate for a leader. Originally there were whispers of the Jets being willing to part ways with Sanchez in addition to Tebow, but all news of this has died down recently. Not much is known of what will happen regarding the Jets' future starting QB. All of the guaranteed money that Sanchez was given in his contract makes this an even trickier situation. Basically the only guarantees we have are that it will NOT be Tebow and ESPN will not stop talking about it come training camp.