So, after that fucking debacle last night, I am going into full offseason mode, which is when you will get the best of my blogging. You didn't see much of me during the playoffs, but that was mostly just me trying to not jinx anything. So, without further ado, here are the 5 most important things.

1.) Re-sign Sebastion Vollmer - It's easy to overreact to last night and think the first thing we need to do is go out and draft/sign a stud DB, but, the Patriots absolutely cannot lose Seabass. He has had some troubles staying healthy, especially with his back. That is definitely a concern, especially for a 6'8" human being. He is going to have flare ups of this now and than, but you have to accept that, and understand that when healthy, he is one of, if not THE, best right tackle in the game. If we cannot resign him, we have legitimately no tackles in the system that are anywhere near NFL-starter quality players. So, there would be a serious scramble to maybe draft another tackle very high, or have to sign someone else, neither of which seem like great options to me.

We need Talib back next year

2.) Re-sign Aqib Talib - In the, albeit very little, amount of time I have been listening to talk radio today, people have been saying we will not be able to resign Talib because he is going to be getting too much money on the open market. Ummm, what planet am I on? If he was so valuable that people want to overpay him in free agency, don't you think someone would have stepped up with more than a 4th and 7th rounder when he was on the open market? Like what? Now, six weeks later, he's all of a sudden going to command Jonathon Joseph money? I just don't see it. I expect something similar to the 4 year 22 million dollar deal that Bodden signed, with probably a little more than the 10 mil Bodden had guaranteed. Maybe something along the lines of 4 years 25 mil, 14 mil guaranteed. That sounds about right.

3.) Draft a stud defensive lineman, preferably a DT - Now, you may be thinking the Pats should target a DB in the draft, but you are wrong. In that game, did the defensive line get ANY pressure? No, they did nothing. Vince was completely invisible. The only playmaker on that line is fucking Ninkovich. No one else can do anything. Yeah, Chandler Jones was injured, and looks like he has stud potential, but we haven't seen him take over a game since like week 2. Ideally, I say a DT because then you can go Nink, Vince, Stud DT, Jones. But, the more I think about it, another DE may be the way to go. While we do not have a stud next to Vince, we have a few players in there that CAN be solid (but weren't yesterday) and fill in with injuries. It seemed yesterday that with no Chandler Jones, we were completely useless. We need that 3rd starting caliber DE. So, I guess what I am saying is, take the best available defensive lineman when we pick, or maybe pull a move like last year and move up. Plus, I dunno how I feel about BB drafting a DB, hasn't worked that great.

4.) Re-sign Welker - A lot of people have been saying bye to Welker after last night. Honestly, do people really think Welker was the problem last night? EVERYONE sucked. Where the fuck would this offense be without Welker? It would be fucked. Now, I am not saying overpay the man, just sign him to a reasonable deal. 3 years 18 mil with 12 mil guaranteed.

5.) Sign a Free Agent CB - For this, I am not trying to get a starter, just a guy who can be a legit nickel corner, and be a solid number 2 if injuries present themselves again. Maybe a one year flier on a guy like they did with Bodden. Something to short(ish) money for the short term so we can move Arrington to special teams/emergency CB. The Steve Gregory deal is what I am looking towards, 3 years 7 mil. Something like that. I still want Dennard, Talib, Gregory, and McCourty as our top four secondary because when we had that lineup back there, the defense was very solid.

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