As a Patriots fan, I will forever be grateful for the tuck rule.

Everyone remembers the call in the snow bowl against the Raiders in 2002. Brady had a game ending fumble, or so everyone thought, but alas - the tuck rule! The Patriots never would've gotten to that Super Bowl and beat the Rams without that call.

It's the call that sparked a New England dynasty and a decade of domination. If that's ruled a fumble, maybe the team goes back to Bledsoe the next year? Who knows?!

The tuck rule is also sometimes referred to as "The Brady Rule" and I know one thing, if it's ever called in a game I'm watching, I support it completely. Even when it's against the Patriots, you just have to respect the tuck rule if you're a Patriots fan. Or you can be a completely hypocritical Patriots fan, that's fine too.

Anyway, the NFL might do away with all that.

ProFootballTalk details how the competition committee is considering altering Patriots' fans favorite section of the rule book.

“This is going to be part of a bigger discussion in the offseason of QB pass/fumbles and the tuck rule with the Competition Committee,” Blandino said. “This will be discussed in the offseason.”

Blandino referenced a play on Sunday when Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was first ruled to have fumbled when he was hit from behind and lost the ball — a ruling that was overturned on replay when the referee called it an incomplete pass. Blandino said the referee’s ruling was based on a belief that Luck was purposely bringing his hand forward in an attempt to throw a pass, and did not have his hand pushed forward when he was hit from behind.

“It was ruled on the field a fumble and the key here is the tuck rule,” Blandino said. “The rule is, if the quarterback brings his arm up to throw in an obvious passing motion, any intentional forward movement of the hand with control of the football will constitute a forward pass. That’s the rule.”

I get why the rule is often criticized, but selfishly, I wish they'd just leave it alone. If they change the rule it's just going to give those that love to hate on the Patriots so much more fuel in saying the Pats' titles are tainted. Seeing as we would have won a championship partly due to a rule that was later amended.

Anyway, Raiders fans have nothing to cry about. That tuck rule was simply karma.

This was just as bad, and no one ever talks about it. Just cause it was 36 years ago does it make it any better.

Michael Saver 1/04/2013 06:48:00 PM Edit

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