The New England Patriots came into this season with the pundits praising their wide receivers. However, as many of you know, through injuries and underperformance, the Patriots wide receivers became a hotbed for criticism and the need for improvement was apparent. Right now, the Patriots have three wide receivers going who are unrestricted free agents:

Deion Branch

Julian Edelman

Wes Welker

I'm going to argue that the Patriots should sign Edelman and Welker to mid-long term deals, and if Branch has no interest and will take a smaller salary, sign him for a year too because the depth is so thin at the position. Besides, my guess is that Branch will end up getting claimed off of waivers by the Patriots anyways.

Along with these three, here are some big name players that will also be entering FA with my commentary on how the Patriots should look at each beside their names:

Danny Amendola - No thank you. Small, possession wide receiver position is currently being taken by every Patriots WR.

Donnie Avery - Too much like Brandon Lloyd to me, and that is not meant as criticism. I just think that it was pretty apparent that the Patriots need a deep threat, and Lloyd failed in that sense.

Dwayne Bowe - Now we are talking. Huge, great hands, and who knows what he can do with Tom Brady throwing to him rather than Brady Quinn. The Patriots definitely need to seriously look into getting Bowe. Yes his year last year was his second worst yet, but he was out for three games, limited otherwise, and has a handicap with the quarterbacks he has had.

Greg Jennings - Well with the most recent news of Greg Jennings putting his house on the market, it seems that he could be up for grabs. I would be thrilled if the Patriots could land Jennings, but I would put Bowe above him because of Bowe's size. I am also unsure of who would be requesting more money, so that will also play a factor.

Mike Wallace - Another ideal guy, but rumors were swirling that he was looking for top three wide receiver type salary, and there is no way the Patriots will fork up tons of money for him, at least history tells us we should not expect them too.

My hope is for the Patriots to sign Bowe, and maybe since Belichick and the Patriots have/had ties with the Chiefs that they will be able to make that decision knowing full well how effective Bowe will be. Imagine Brady throwing to a 6'2" 221 lb WR... Wow.

Sam Reilly 1/28/2013 09:13:00 PM Edit

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