Patriots didn't leave the 2 tight end set after Gronkowski went out

So I'm sure every Patriots fan was as upset as I was during Sunday's game when Gronk fell and re-injured his forearm so badly he needed another surgery. That news left me on the verge of tears since Gronkowski will always be my favorite Patriots player. The interesting thing about Gronk leaving was that the Patriots still stuck to their 2 TE set, they just replaced Gronkowski with Michael Hoomanawanui. That kept them with 2 wide receivers, 2 tight ends, and 1 running back, which they felt was their best plan to keep the ball moving down the field. Their third receiver, Deion Branch was only in for 9 snaps.
Gronkowski and Hernandez, the unstoppable TE pair
I'm sure we all really hope to see Gronkowski getting well, and for him to be healthy and ready to dominate again next season. GET WELL SOON, GRONK!