One of the hottest stories in the NFL right now is the fact that the New York Jets are shopping Darelle Revis, considered by many to be the best defensive player in the NFL. There have also been reports that the New England Patriots are "extremely interested" in Revis, however there is no chance that will ever happen.

I think the Jets (obviously depending on what they get back) would be doing a smart thing moving Revis. Their defense was still decent without him, and they are not going anywhere until they improve their horrific, shit show of an offense. And moving Revis could get them some very, very valuable pieces, probably in a combination of players and high-round draft picks

That being said; Patriots fans should honestly hope Revis stays put. Will Revis returning make the Jets a much better team next year? Yes. Will he make them a playoff team, or a team that could even remotely compete with the Patriots within the division? No. Revis on the Jets doesn't pose much of a threat to the Patriots, at least in the short term.

Revis in a Broncos uniform, on the other hand, would be a very scary thought. To me, Revis going to Denver is the worst case scenario for the Patriots. Much like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning's window is closing, and the organization will certainly be looking to do whatever they can (and spend whatever they have to) to bring a Championship to town while Peyton is still playing. Revis would certainly be a massive stride in that direction. After watching Torrey Smith and the Baltimore receiving crew burning Champ Bailey and the Bronco's secondary two weeks ago, I am sure Broncos fans and clamoring at the idea of getting Revis.

Of course, this is a completely hypothetical situation I am presenting, but I do think if Revis somehow ends up in Denver it would be a serious roadblock between another Brady/Belichick era Super Bowl trophy. But that being said, Revis going to any number of AFC teams: Indy, Houston, Baltimore, would all be less than favorable for the Patriots.

Revis hurts the Patriot's the least on a non-contender, obviously. And I think the chances of him being resigned to his current non-contending team is much more likely than a trade to one. So I for one, am hoping that Revis Island stays in New York to rot away with the rest of the pitiful Jets team. Or that he gets shipped out of our conference all together.



Liam Cunningham 1/25/2013 07:13:00 PM Edit

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