So it didn't take long for the very mouthy Ravens to start trash talking the Patriots.

This time it wasn't Ray Lewis, it wasn't Terrell Suggs. Nope, it was someone you've never heard of. Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo. He pretty much pulled out all the hard hitters on this one.

I guess he'll just have to learn to respect that offense this weekend. I remember the Jets complained about this before the Patriots beat them in Week 7. The beef with the Patriots offense stems from the fact that they run it so fast that sometimes the offense doesn't have a chance to line up. You saw the Patriots get two easy touchdowns against the Texans because of that.

What the Patriots are doing with their ultra fast one word offense, hasn't been done in the NFL. It has however been done in college and originates from conversations Belichick and the coaching staff had with Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

The fact that the player said this makes me think they're slightly scared to go up against it. That's my take. The Patriots don't do anything illegal or against the rules, they just have figured out a way to run their offense extremely fast. That's probably not something the Baltimore Ravens who just went through a double overtime thriller at Mile High want to face.

Michael Saver 1/13/2013 10:27:00 PM Edit

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