Almost two weeks ago to the day, the brain scans of former NFL All-Pro Junior Seau were revealed. To the dismay of football fans everywhere, the tests revealed that Seau suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Believing that the effects lead to Seau committing suicide (symptoms include depression and dementia), his family has decided to press charges against the NFL.

An article on NBCSports.com gave more detail on this subject. Apparently, it is assumed that the NFL's argument will go as follows:

"The league’s threshold argument will be, as it has been in every concussion case, that any remedies for failure to warn players about the risks of concussions or to protect them from concussions must be pursued under the Collective Bargaining Agreement."
I'm not totally clear on the legal part of this situation, so I recommend that you check the NBC article (link above) if you want some clarity. The information coming out about CTE is going to force some serious changes in football. I know when I speak for many fans when I say that sometimes I think that all of these new rules regarding player safety can daunting. However, in the end it really is for the best, as player safety is the league's top priority (as it should be). So we will see how the league handles this law suit and if there are any rule modifications that will follow.

Anthony Aidonidis 1/23/2013 09:47:00 PM Edit

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