After returning from his 8 day vacation in the Bahamas Rex Ryan is back to doing what he does best, which is confusing the hell out of everyone in the general vicinity. He was quoted, in an End of the Year press conference as saying he wanted to have his offense be an “a more aggressive style, all-weather offense instead of a ground and pound kind of offense.” He also stated in a rambling fashion he might want to try his hand at the “Pistol Offense” made popular, this year, by the Washington Redskins and RG3. My question is what the hell does Rex Ryan know about offense anyways?

My reactions to these statements are as follows: When weather is good or bad, isn’t it ideal to have an offense that can effectively run the ball? Point being, an effective running game IS the all-weather offense, not Tom Brady’s style of chucking the ball all over the place; Rex’s offense just sucked at both. Furthermore if the wind and rain are whipping on the field throwing the ball is clearly not the best route, especially if your QB is Mark Sanchez. Number two, just because you saw the Pistol Offense work in Washington it doesn’t mean it will work everywhere Sexy Rexy. You have to have the personnel capable of successfully running that type of offense and you don’t, especially seeing as how Tim Tebow is trying to jump ship.

The Jets organization is in the midst of hiring a new General Manager. Good luck to the Jets getting anyone that is any good, and has his pick of the many vacant General Manager positions in the NFL, to go there because in keeping Rex Ryan around you’re making it an undesirable job. I don’t want anyone to read this and think I’m just dumping on the weirdo because the fact is I would take him as the Patriots Defensive Coordinator in a heartbeat and I also believe he got the most out of that spaghetti arm Mark Sanchez you can possibly imagine. He has a great way of motivating players and defensively is one of the top minds in the NFL and overall, pretty good Head Coach.

Rex Ryan’s biggest and most important decision this upcoming season will be choosing the QB for next season which, if you guessed my stance, shouldn’t be Mark Sanchez. Rex said “it’s an open competition for who gets the starting position.” The Jets have bad contracts already, but they should still eat the money on Sanchez’s deal because he couldn’t win you a Super Bowl with one of the top defenses for years and this season he has regressed. They are going to have to shift money around to get under the cap, but it can be done. I’ll leave you with a thought, Rex wanting to go to a Pistol style offense could suggest he’s in the market for that type of a QB. A name floating out there with experience, that could work is Michael Vick. Maybe Rex was letting you know his next move, of course that means he’ll have to change the number of the jersey on his tattoo to 7.

Joshua Brown 1/08/2013 06:05:00 PM Edit

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