All I heard leading up to both games verses the Houston Texans was how the Patriots had better fear JJ Watt and his ability to get after the QB and also to swat the ball down. That’s the main reason I’m so happy the Patriots pummeled the Texans so I didn’t have to hear such a fluff story again because the people at ESPN have nothing else to say. Leading up to this game the rumblings about the Ravens defensive line getting to Brady are already starting to which I respond: “Again? Really?” Here at nepatriotslife.com we won’t waste your time with crap stories that have no impact on the game.

Specifically Terrell Suggs is mentioned in these reports and may I remind everyone that he is injured playing, at most 50% of what he’s capable of. I respect everything the man has accomplished in his career as I do with Lewis, but are Patriots fans really trying to hear another week about how the pass rush is going to rattle our hall of fame QB? The Patriots offensive line started the year being my biggest fear, but Dante Scarnecchia and the offensive line turned it around even with three of their starters leaving at the beginning of the year. Granted if you can get pressure on Brady without having to blitz an extra person then you will be much more effective, but isn’t that true for all QB’s that have ever played the game? This, to me, is why it’s not a story, it’s fluff.

Keys to the this game for the Ravens defense should be much more focused on tightening up Brady’s windows by starting out in nickel coverage with an extra safety and being physical at the line of scrimmage with Welker, Lloyd, Woodhead (if he plays) and even Hernandez can be pushed around. Welker needs to be bracketed by a linebacker underneath and a corner up top. Wade Phillips didn’t respect Welker’s ability and tried to single him; the Ravens should call and ask Phillips how that worked out for him. Welker caught 8 balls for 131 yards being single covered, Phillips is so right he’s nothing special.

Being physical is vital when you’re squaring off against the Patriots wide receivers that are a little bit smaller than average and unfortunately susceptible. I do not want to go another day hearing about the impact of a 4 man pass rush on a 5 man offensive line because the Patriots will make adjustments, if needed, to protect Brady. The pass rush could be a factor, but I don't think it's the deciding factor in the game. I know it’s said every week, but the Patriots are the better team and they just need to go out and execute and the younger players can’t be intimidated by the barking Ray Lewis and the rest of them will surely be doing. It should be an awesome, one possession game which are impossible to predict. It could go either way and that is what makes the NFL playoffs the best.

Joshua Brown 1/19/2013 11:13:00 AM Edit

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