After defeating the Patriots in the AFC Championship on Sunday, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs didn't hold any harsh words back. He continued to gloat in his team's win while insulting the Pats and telling them to have fun at the Pro Bowl. This was a classless act. The thrill of victory caught up to Suggs and he received a fair amount of backlash for the disrespectful remarks.

Well, yesterday an article was posted on Boston.com about some of the comments that Suggs made once his adrenaline settled down. After removing all of his pads and really soaking in/settling down, Suggs showed a more mature side to himself. He turned to reporters and said that he has the "utmost respect" for the Patriots organization. Here's everything that Suggs had to say:

“What would this league be like without 12 and the New England Patriots?’’ Suggs said. “People don’t like them because they win, they’re a great team, and they have every right to be who they are. 
“We respect the rivalry, and it’s heated, but even enemies can show respect in times of war. Had it been any other team in this championship, both teams would’ve probably won by a landslide. But these two teams, we had to play each other."
“All b.s. aside, all ego and arrogance aside, that is one . . . hell . . . of . . . a ballclub,’’ Suggs said. “I mean, you got to play perfect to beat ’em, and we did damn near just that to win this game.’’ 
 “I’m speaking to you like with so much humility, because it’s a great victory for the City of Baltimore and the Ravens,’’ he said. “If we went through somebody else, it wouldn’t have been the same. Yeah, it is a rivalry between us and them, and me and 12, but like I said, even enemies can show respect, and they get the utmost.’’ 
“You’ll never get another battle like this for 20 years between two teams in the AFC Championship. So we have the utmost respect for them.’’
Needless to say, I did not expect this at all from Suggs. This is the same guy who keeps bringing up spygate, who keeps taking shots at Brady and Belichick. When his team had already won, he essentially spit in the face of Patriots Nation. Yeah, he was excited about the win, but that doesn't change what he said. At the same time though, these are some heavy complements from Suggs. I don't know about you but I gained some respect for him after this. I still don't like him, because he trashed TB12 and the Patriots, but he finally admitted how he really feels about them. There's mutual hate between these two teams, but there's tremendous respect as well.

Anthony Aidonidis 1/22/2013 03:53:00 PM Edit

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