When we Patriots fans think of the game coming up today, we refer back to the game in week 14 when we handed the Texans' heads to them by winning 42-14.

The game today will be a much different game. For one, the Texans' personnel will be stronger than last time. Jonathan Joseph (top Texans corner) was a game time decision, not fully healthy. (evidenced by big plays to Lloyd, Stallworth, etc). Their number 2 tight end, Garrett Graham, was out, but doesn't help running game, and Brooks Reed (one of their top pass rushers) was out. Arian Foster was also coming off of a bad game against the Tennessee Titans the week before.

We also have to remember that at this time the Patriots didn't have Gronk either. Here is a conversation I heard on NPR yesterday about the playoffs:

"Mmm. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots versus the Houston Texans, who are hoping it won't be deja vu all over again." said Simon Scott, host of Weekend Edition.
"It will. It probably won't be another 42 to 14 drubbing that New England layed on Houston in week 14 of the regular season." said Tom Goldman, NPR's sports correspondent. "But you've got Tom Brady. You've got the best tight end tandem maybe ever in Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. You've got a bona fide running game with Stevan Ridley. A statistically poor but seasoned defense that will do enough to keep Houston from getting more points than the superduper New England offense. Pats win, Scott."
Gronk and Hernandez, tight ends

Elisa Moore 1/13/2013 11:27:00 AM Edit

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