The 49ers are looking to rid themselves of the 7.5 million dollars Alex Smith will be paid in 2013. Reportedly the 49ers are actively shopping Alex Smith to potential suitors such as the Browns, Eagles, Bills, Chiefs and the Cardinals.

Alex Smith catapulted the 49ers to an impressive 6-2 record this season after just taking them to the AFC Championship last year. Smith sustained a concussion and after that was replaced by Colin Kaepernick. With what he’s been able to accomplish these past couple seasons he is certainly going to be one of the most sought after veteran quarterbacks in the league.

The Jets have been awfully quiet over there lately and they might be ready to take the “foot” out of their mouth/ass and make a splash. The Jets could benefit from an upgrade at quarterback and after they shed the money on Revis’ contract might be able to pursue Alex Smith.

A good question is, with two teams in our division that could be potential suitors which one would be a better fit for Alex Smith? His identity as a quarterback in the NFL has been primarily short pass, west coast offense, but showed the ability in college to spread the field and beat you that way. The better question is what would it matter to either the Bills or the Jets as they have no offensive identity anyways? The Jets do have better talent on offense with Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards then the Bills do with Steve Johnson and T.J. Graham. The Bills are in a full rebuild and wouldn’t benefit much from 28 year old Alex Smith whereas the Jets are primarily just looking for a quarterback, offensive linemen and maybe a better tight end.

If it is up to Alex Smith he should lean toward Philadelphia because they have the most talent of all the suitors and the fans are crazy about football in Philly. We’ll just have to wait to see where Alex Smith ends up; he definitely deserves, and will receive, a starting job.


Joshua Brown 1/30/2013 11:25:00 PM Edit

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