When reports surfaced that Jets owner Woody Johnson was willing to part with the best corner back in the league, Darrelle Revis, rumors started flying.

Revis tweeted that he was sad for Jets Nation. One thing that could send those fans off the cliff is if Revis became a Patriot.

We entertained the idea that the Patriots' biggest rival's best player could maybe come to New England. Now it appears that the Patriots themselves hope this would happen.

CBSSports.com's Mike Freeman reports that since the Jets let it be known that they'd entertain offers for Revis, "one of the biggest potential trade markets for a player ever" is building. He quoted a general manager as saying: "There's a Revis gold rush forming" and among the prospectors are the Broncos, 49ers, Bills, Seahawks, Packers . . . and Patriots.

As pointed out in our piece, the price for the Patriots to acquire Revis would be off the charts. The Jets are dumb, but they aren't dumb enough to guarantee their divisional rival a Super Bowl victory.

Still, it is worth nothing that the Patriots are at least throwing their hat in the ring here. They also threw their hat in the ring for Julius Peppers. Doesn't mean much. I mean, who wouldn't want to at least try and sign the best corner in the league?

Michael Saver 1/25/2013 03:57:00 PM Edit

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