I was listening to Toucher and Rich this morning and they were talking to one of the radio hosts down in Baltimore. He seems extremely confident against the Patriots, I'm sure a lot of that was homerism, but you don't see many analysts overlook the Patriots as much as this guy was.

His argument basically was that Tom Brady never plays well against the Ravens, and Joe Flacco always plays well against the Patriots. Fair enough, I guess. That doesn't change the fact that the Patriots are still up in the win column, 5-2 with Brady, 7-2 all time.

Anyway, Haloti Ngata seems to agree. The Ravens want revenge, which I thought they kind of got when they beat the Patriots earlier this year, but anyway...

“I think we personally kind of wanted to play the Patriots again," Ngata said on Monday. "If we were to go to the Super Bowl, it would be great to go through Foxborough and win there. So, it’s another matchup that I think that we’re excited about, and hopefully, we can get it done this time.”

Ngata still recalls the feeling he had following the narrow defeat in last year's game, and it served as motivation this season.

“The feeling that we had in that locker room, I think we all wanted to get back to the AFC Championship," he said. "And then to actually have it be back in Foxborough, it’s a good – I don’t know – story.”

Love that the Ravens are pumping themselves up for this. The Texans pumped themselves up with that "revenge" factor and we saw what happened there.

Either way, I don't think anyone is expecting this to be a blowout. The Patriots and Ravens games always come down to the wire. Each team has only blown the other out once in the Brady era.

Both teams are far different than they were a year ago, and even different than they were back in Week 3. If the Ravens wanted to face the Pats, they got their wish.
Bill Belichick and Tom Brady hope to teach them the age old adage, "Be careful what you wish for".

Michael Saver 1/15/2013 09:36:00 AM Edit

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