Tom Brady currently sits on a 16-6 postseason record, tying Joe Montana for most wins (16). With a win on Sunday against the Houston Texans, Brady would claim the status as the winningest quarterback in postseason history. Here's what the man himself had to say about it;

“With that question, I guess I’m aware of it,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to play with so many great players and great teams. Football is a team game. I’ve been fortunate to play here and have the opportunity. There’s no place I’d rather be.”
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Even with that accolade however, Brady would still have a handful of doubters. Since starting his postseason career 10-0 and winning three Super Bowls, Brady's record has evened out to 6-6 in the last 12 postseason games. This stat however, could not be more irrelevant.

Postseason records are tricky because once you lose you're done, so there's no chance at getting any more wins for that season. So, to have a great record like Brady does, you have to  win the Super Bowl. Then there's the people that throw out arguments like "oh well he only won that many postseason games because his team is always in the playoffs." . . . Seriously? That's supposed to make Brady seem like less of a player? He leads his team to the playoffs almost every single year and that somehow is supposed to be an insult?

I could sit here and throw statistic after statistic at you and explain why most of Brady's 6 losses weren't his fault (especially Super Bowl XLII) but if I do that then there could be arguments made against his 16 wins. So there are no "what if..." scenarios. Here are some real statistics to think about.

Tom Brady's Super Bowl record is 3-2. Why is he criticized for that? John Elway is considered one of the greatest football players of all time, yet his Super Bowl record is 2-3... That's weird, you almost NEVER hear anybody talk about how Elway lost the Super Bowl three times. The fact of the matter is, TB12 has FIVE AFC Championships under his belt, so why are those two Super Bowl losses considered complete and utter failures? Why are Brady's two losses held against him when people forget the Elways lost 3 times. Brady may have lost the big game twice, but that doesn't change the fact that he's won it three times and I have literally no doubt in my mind that he will win another.

This year, Peyton Manning is entering his 12th postseason. In his previous 11 playoff appearances, he lost the very first game 7 times! The high and mighty Peyton Manning, also arguably one of the greatest pure quarterbacks of all time, was bounced out of the playoffs in the first game 7 times. Brady is entering his 10th postseason, in his previous 9 appearances, Brady only lost the first game 2 times. This is a stat people don't often look at. I would say it helps Brady's case substantially.

If Tom Brady makes it to the Super Bowl one more time he will break Elway's record of most appearances with 6. If he wins, he will tie Joe Montana with most wins with 4. It's safe to say that if TB12 can win just one more Super Bowl, every single argument can be thrown aside, and he will cement his status as the greatest postseason quarterback of all-time.

Book: "Tom Brady vs. The NFL" by Sean Glennon (I highly recommend this book to any TB12 finatic)
Internet: PeytonManning18

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