It's been news conference day today, ahead of Sunday's AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens, a day which will hopefully be known as "Ray Lewis's Last Game". And it will be the last game between Lewis and Tom Brady, a match up which has always been great. And we know Brady and Lewis respect the heck out of each other, as Brady pointed out in his presser.
Well, you do always have to know where he is. And Lewis has been playing his heart out in these last two playoff games. Brady and Lewis are two of the most competitive guys in the NFL, and I'm sure they're both trying their hardest to work out how to stop each other.

However, Brady also has Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed to pay attention to, so that adds a bit of work, as Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo pointed out in his presser.

We all know Brady works hard. But this is the Baltimore Ravens. Brady has struggled (relatively) against this defense as this stat says:

 * Brady vs. Ravens: Brady has a 63.1 Total QBR against the Ravens since 2008 including the playoffs, his second-worst QBR against any opponent of the 11 teams against which he has at least 75 action plays. Only his QBR against the Jets (59.5) is worse. 

However, in the week 3 matchup, he had the best total QBR of any QB vs the Ravens this season. So let's hope he can repeat this stat on Sunday, and get a running game going as well, so we can get to NOLA.

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