Wes Welker is the only good WR that drops passes
So, Welker led the league in drops, let's run him out of town, yada yada yada. Goddamit I fucking hate stupid people sometimes ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Welker gets thrown the most balls in the league, he is going to drop the most balls. That is how this shit works. Wide receivers catch balls, and drop some, that's what fucking happens. He dropped 11% of the catchable balls thrown to him, which is on par with most all of the great WRs. Now, granted, everyone remembers the big drops in big places, and most retards think the drop in the Super Bowl last year was Welker's fault WHEN IT WAS THE SHITTIEST FUCKING PASS TOM BRADY HAS THROWN EVER, and yeah, we all want those to stop. But this whole "Wes Welker led the league in drops, he sucks" BS needs to fucking stop. EVERYONE has been calling for a WR in the mold of Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall and yet they dont realize these guys drop just as many balls as Welker. I get it, simple minded idiots see something as simple as a dropped balls statistic, then they remember all the hooplah over the Welker "drop" (that wasn't a drop) in the Super Bowl and they wanna overreact. You aren't going to get that to me. "But Cult, Danny Amendola only dropped 3.3% of catchable balls and he's a free agent, let's get him!" Yeah, because we need another fucking Julian Edelman that is lucky to make it through six weeks of the season. Welker comes over the middle and gets fucking CRUSHED on a weekly basis, more so that anyone in the league. There are going to be times he drops a ball because of this. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, IT IS NORMAL, STOP BITCHING ABOUT STUPID SHIT.

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CultOfBelichick 1/23/2013 09:59:00 AM Edit

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