Earlier this week on Patriots Life, we told you how former St. Louis Rams and now Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk was still not over losing the Super Bowl 12 years ago, saying he was cheated out of it.

Now two members of that New England Patriots team that won that game have shot back at Faulk. Linebacker Willie McGinest and Offensive Tackle Matt Light have had their say on Faulk's comments, and their not impressed.

Here is what McGinest had to say, from NBC Sports:

Former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest said Wednesday that the team had no inside information in the game. As evidence, he points to the final score by saying that the Rams wouldn’t have come back if the Patriots knew what was coming. "If … we had any extra information, then that game wouldn’t have been as dramatic as it was, coming down to a field goal. Trust me. It would have been a blowout,” McGinest said, via CSNNewEngland.com.

And he's probably right. Though maybe the offense wasn't quite at a level to deliver a beatdown. But it certainly wouldn't have come down to the last minute drive that is perhaps the greatest moment in Patriots history.

Light maintained the Patriot Way more so than McGinest. Here's what we had to say to ESPN:

"Listen, I've lost two championship games. Lost,” Light said on the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN Radio. “The same as he has. You can go back and look at anything you want, it's like looking at a pie chart or a graph of any kind -- you can skew that to look any way you want. At the end of the day, I think a lot of people have said this -- they lost that game. They had ample opportunity to win it," said Light, who was on that Patriots team that stunned the Rams, 20-17. 
"Look, can you say definitively that anything happened? Of course not,” Light said. "I was there in the organization and I can tell you from my standpoint, we worked our tails off to put ourselves in that position, and we won that game hands down. You got to move on, baby." 

Light has put it perfectly: "Move on, baby." The Super Bowl happened 12 years ago. If things had played out differently, you could have won it. I remember Tom Brady saying on America's Game that he nearly got strip sacked on the first play of the winning drive. The Rams could have recovered that, kicked a field goal, won the game. But that didn't happen. That's life. You'd like to think a guy with a Super Bowl ring, and a bust in Canton, would be able to move on.

Of course, if he wants to keep bitching, that's fine by me. Even Patriots fans still bitch about David Tyree's catch in Super Bowl XLII, but I'd like to think we're over it. It hurts, but we've moved on. Time to do the same, Marshall.

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