49ers looking to acquire Darelle Revis

The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly looking to trade for superstar Jet's cornerback Darelle Revis. This is not surprising coming on the heels of reports that the Jets were openly shopping Revis at the NFL Combine, and have no intentions of offering the cornerback,coming off of ACL surgery, a long-term deal.

According to an article from Yahoo Sports, San Fran may just be looking to sign Revis to a one-year deal, likely due to concerns over the strength of his knee and ability to recover from such a devastating injury.

Revis Island could be relocating to the Bay area

But it looks like the team is poised to make a move for Revis, and bolster their already young, dynamic team that is brimming with a scary amount of young talent. And they certainly have the resources to make a move for Revis, who when healthy is arguably the best defensive player in the league. San Fran already has 11 picks coming into the upcoming draft, and are set to acquire more after their trade of Alex Smith and for transactions from last off-season. It would be dumb of the team to not use some of their surplus draft assets to go after a top-tier player like Revis.

Along with the fact that he is one of the best players in the league; like the Patriots, the 49ers are in desperate need of a #1 cornerback and overall improvement in the secondary. We all saw how that unit was exploited by Joe Flacco and the Ravens receiving corps in the Super Bowl. Revis could have a transformative effect on what is already one of the best teams in the league. The thought of a healthy Revis on the prowl should have everyone worried.

While the ideal situation was Revis going to a non-contender, I never thought that was a realistic situation.
That being said, I for one am happy to hear the front-runner for Revis' services is not in our conference. The idea of Revis going to another AFC power like Denver, Indy, or Houston, was troublesome for myself and all Patriot's fans. I am happy to let the NFC deal with his shutdown D and play making ability. Hopefully someone will knock them off before the Patriots would ever have to play them in the big one.

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