One of the more worrying stories for the New England Patriots at this moment is the trial of corner back Alfonzo Dennard. He appears to be a seventh round steal for the Pats, but he fell this far due to his issues with the law.

Now, after a good year for the CB, the issues have come to light. Dennard's trial has been going on this week, and we've only had a few details so far. To sum up the charges, last April, Dennard allegedly punched a police officer during a fight. He's been accused of "assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and third-degree assault.", according to NFL.com. They have also given Dennard's defence:

"I didn't hurt you, I didn't punch you in the face on purpose. You ran up on me so fast," Dennard said in a jailhouse interview tape played in court on Tuesday. "I pushed you, that's all that happened." He also said he said he didn’t realize Kopsa was a cop and only pushed in response to someone grabbing him. From PFT 

However, two policemen at the scene have testified against Dennard.

Kopsa testified on Tuesday that Dennard punched him in the jaw, and on Wednesday officer Jerad McBride testified that he witnessed the punch.
“Once I saw Officer Kopsa get punched, I ran as absolutely fast as I could,” McBride said.
 So this is an interesting one. For me, it's hard to believe that the decision will go against two cops. But with the defendant being a NFL starter, I'm kind of hopeful that his lawyers could strike a deal. But that's just a Pats fan hoping that a future star of the team doesn't go to jail. He could face up to 5 years prison time, so let's hope things work out. The trial is due to end today.

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