With the future of Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd still in doubt, the New England Patriots will probably be targeting Wide Receivers in the off-season. And there are certainly some good pass catchers available in the upcoming draft. However, with a lack of draft picks to use, it's important that the Patriots pick the right guy. Here are 5 receivers we at Patriots Life have selected to look out for in the draft process:

Keenan Allen - California
Allen is a 6-3, 206 lbs receiver who could be exactly what the Patriots have been lacking since the days of Randy Moss. He got the size and speed to get separation from corners, and make catches in tight spots. Throw this kid a jump ball and he'll catch it, throw him a quick slant and he'll catch that too. He was also utilised in College as a returner and on screen passes too. Those are skills that will be regarded very highly in the Patriots offense. They might have to hope teams pas son him though, as it appears he'll be going earlier than the Patriots draft.

Tavon Austin - West Virginia
I have previously written about Austin in regards to his 40 yard dash time, and what that meant. Go there for a full breakdown of what I think, but this kid could be an instant replacement for Welker. He's small and quick, a great returner, so can slot into the Patriots offense well. He's a classic slot receiver who can turn a short pass into a big gain. Again, it's questionable if he reaches the Pats at 29, but this would be a great addition to the team, even if I feel we need a deep threat (see article).


Justin Hunter - Tennessee
Hunter could well be the perfect fit for the Patriots, in my view anyway. At 6-4 and 196 lbs, this guy could just go up and get the ball. However, there are many concerns over his performance after an ACL injury, he's someone who can be a deep threat outside the numbers, but can also be used in the slot. It's likely that Hunter will be available on the second day of the draft (according to NFL.com), so he's a reach at 29, but if he can recover physically and mentally from his injury, he can be a real asset to the Patriots.

Terrance Williams - Baylor
Williams is another receiver believed to go at the end of the first round, meaning the Patriots have a nice shot at him, though a lot of mock drafts have him going to the Houston Texans. Despite losing Robert Griffin III for his last season, Williams still had a great year,and was a very nice deep threat for Baylor in 2012. What might keep the Patriots away is that he isn't a versatile guy. He's great on vertical routes, but he hasn't developed as well on many other routes. So Williams is a raw talent who the Pats would need to mould into a well rounded NFL wideout.

Robert Woods - USC

Woods is another player who is a short/intermediate receiver, who's stock has fallen after a disappointing 2012 year all around for USC, so he could be around for the Patriots to take him. He's very shifty after the catch and can make tacklers miss. Woods could be another Welker type player in the offense, though he is bigger at 6-0, 201 lbs. Though he hasn't got the deep play threat of other guys mentioned above, he makes up for this with speed, and his ability to make catches in tight spots and then make a play afterwards.

What do you think about the names above? Who did we miss? Comment below or let me know on Twitter @BrendanAnnely

Cheers to ThatHighlightChannelDougityDog and CollegeFootballLive for the videos.

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