Close friend and former coach of Aqib Talib defends Talib’s work ethic saying the story coming out from the Patriots organization “doesn’t make sense to me.” Mark Mangino coached Talib in Kansas and said Talib loved the preparation portion of practice and that he worked hard during the drills, weight lifting and mental preparation every week.

Of course the news broke about Talib’s work ethic a few days ago, but Mangino isn’t buying it, perhaps even calling out the organization for trying to bring Talib’s value down in free agency. Mangino remains close friends with Talib and cannot fathom the thought of Talib not putting everything he has into the game “Talib loves.”

Mangino recalls his time coaching Talib saying “He enjoyed practice time. He hustled, made plays, did all of his drill work full speed, played hard in the games, did what was asked of him in the weight room, got bigger and stronger when he was with us. I find that a little hard to believe.” Coach Mangino knows that work ethic can change, but told Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald how he had visited the Bucaneers training facility over the summer and saw the same guy he had coached. Mangino goes on to ask “why Talib would thrive under Greg Schiano’s regimented system with the Bucs and then forget how to go about it under Bill Belichick.”

Mangino has never been in the Patriots facility so he admits he doesn’t know for sure, but what is for sure is that the teammates and coach Belichick himself had vouched for Talib’s work ethic for the 3 months he was there. Mangino was excited for his pal to be able to join one of the best organizations in football so he believes it would be beneficial for both sides to come to an agreement.

If the Patriots franchise Talib he would be making north of 10 million dollars for the one year and it isn’t something the Patriots would benefit a whole lot from. They have to go for a two-year or three-year to get any value from signing Talib. If it turns out they do franchise Talib then you can count on the fact that Welker has seen his last days in a Patriots uniformbecause they will not give Welker a two-year deal. Nonetheless the back and forth is just starting on Talib and I don’t project it will stop until a deal is made.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 2/08/2013 01:38:00 PM Edit

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