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There are a ton of critics coming out about Rob Gronkowski’s partying ways and those stiffs need to put the swords away. Gronkowski is a 23 year-old “bro” who likes, no loves to party; what’s so wrong with that anyways? What were all of the “Gronk critics” doing when they were 23? Patriot players and coaches are well aware of Gronks partying ways and have not seemingly made an attempt to stop it. That’s because, though Gronk loves to party, his first love has always been football; good thing because he’s pretty frigan good at it.

Gronkowski only played 11 games in 2012, but still scored 11 touchdowns; that’s good for 13th best in the NFL this past season by the way. The only problem I see with Gronk partying is he is bound to be at the wrong place at the wrong time eventually which could get him suspended from the league. Other than that, Gronk partying is a non issue when it comes to the future of his game because he’s physically gifted, more so than any other tight end this league has ever seen.

In saying all that I want to deal with more the present issue it actually does bring. Gronkowski should be working harder this offseason to prepare for the beat down he’ll take in the 2013 season. He is the main key our offense working and if there is one dig you could make at him; it’s that if he gets injured again it could start to define him as an injury prone player. He has all the natural ability anyone could ever ask for, but it all means nothing if he’s not on the field.

I don’t think his partying makes him more susceptible to injuries, but it could be taking time away from doing the things necessary to prevent injury. If you’re a drinker you probably are aware of the morning after effect which pretty much guarantees you won’t be doing anything until at least the afternoon. Following Julian Edelman on Twitter I see that he wakes up most mornings by 8 and tweets “#RiseandGrind” most likely referring to his workout regimen. I do think there is room for him to be a party animal and the big lug we’ve all grown to love on Sundays as long as his partying doesn’t take away from his preparation. Gronk haters, give it a rest already.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 2/13/2013 12:19:00 PM Edit

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