Quarterback Ryan Mallett likely won't be battling Brandon Weeden for the starting job in Cleveland next year. New Brown's vice president of player personell Michael Lombardi has always been a real fan of Mallett. When Belichick was in Cleveland in 1992, Lombardi was his director of player personell, so there is a strong bond between the two hinting there would be a trade for Mallet.

Lombardi criticized the pick of Weeden in last years draft, and with a new offensive coordinator in Norv Turner, the front office may not have a lot of patience and trust in Weeden's abilities, especially fitting into a new offense.

Weeden doesn't have time to grow and mature as a quarterback because he is 29 years old. Mallett would be a fantastic option in Cleveland because he is someone who you can build around long term. I'm glad he is supposedly staying in New England because I think he has the size and arm strength to be Tom Brady's heir. Do you think Mallett is the future? Let me know on twitter: @joeloobs


Joe Loubier 2/10/2013 03:52:00 PM Edit

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