Wes Welker
Who the Patriots will use their franchise tag on is one of the most important decisions this offseason. Last season, the Patriots spent their franchise tag on Wes Welker and I’m not so convinced they are going to tag him again, nor do I think they should. Throughout this process there have been three players that are possible options for a Patriots franchise tag: Welker, Talib and Vollmer.

The franchise tag does not have to be used every year and if you’re going to be smart about making your money stretch, the tag isn’t really the best option. Short-term deals with all three of those players would substantially save the Patriots money this year because the way the tag works is you get the average salary for all the top players at your position.

Wes Welker, if franchised, would make 11.4 million for this year and that’s flat out too much. I want Welker back on this team, but as he ages his body will be much more susceptible to injury and that is a fact. Welker isn’t a receiver that gives you a huge play potential and, though what Welker does is at points the most successful aspect of that Patriots offense, he simply isn’t worth 11.4 million. We also have to factor in those drops at some point.

Aqib Talib
Aqib Talib, if franchised, would rake in roughly 10.7 million and though he gives you an improved secondary he still gets burned in man-to-man his fair share. Also, does anyone want to mention the fact that the guy was injured half of his games with us? He isn’t worth nearly 11 million for one year where he’ll probably sit out most of it. I’m in the mindset to drop Talib and get someone of Talib’s skillset; personally, I’m in the corner for getting Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Talib is much more valuable to me if Dennard gets sentenced to prison, in which case I would have to say keep him.

Sebastian Vollmer
Sebastian Vollmer, if franchise tagged, would make 9.66 million dollars and seeing as how you could get him at 4 years for a little north of 22 million there is no reason. Vollmer’s huge and is only turning 29 years of age. Give him the deal and get some consistency on the offensive line.

I’m convinced the Patriots won’t franchise any of them and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the last of Welker. Last year Welker and the Patriots were so far off in contract talks they were hamstrung into franchising him and I just don’t see them using the tag on the same player twice in a row. Vollmer will get his deal this off-season because it makes much more sense financially and he’s a proven commodity. Talib would be the only one I would consider tagging, but even that I would much rather see a two-year deal for less money or Cromartie to come in and replace him.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 2/15/2013 12:50:00 PM Edit

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