Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin may be on the move according to NBC Sports and it might not take as much as you would think to get him. According to Mike Florio, GM Rick Spielman would be inclined to accept a pairing of a second and fourth round pick in exchange for Harvin.

Harvin’s stock has gone down significantly due to off-field character issues combined with the fact that, throughout his career, he has been injury prone. The first day of free-agency is March 12 and the competition amongst teams to acquire 24 year-old Harvin could become brutal.

For Patriot fans that think he might be worth a second look I say absolutely not. I don’t want this guy within 500 miles of this place. He may have talent, but he is constantly missing games due to migraines and other injuries. To give up two draft picks, this offseason in particular, would be catastrophic to a team that’s first priority should be defense.

I may be in the minority that doesn’t want Harvin here, but there are plenty of free agent wide receivers out there; some we have talked about on PatriotsLife and some we have not. This combined with the lack of “good” cornerbacks in free agency leads me to believe we need the draft picks for the secondary. Give me Greg Jennings, Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe with Brady then we’ll talk about two draft picks. Harvin has talent, but he’s not the type of player the Patriots need whether we lose Welker or not.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 2/11/2013 11:50:00 AM Edit

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