Defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested for 'criminal mischief ' on Sunday morning in Miami according to RotoWorld.com. I wrote a little while ago of potential defensive linemen that the Patriots may possibly set their eyes on. Bryant ranked well on the list, and seemed to be one of the more realistic scenarios:
Desmond Bryant DTSB Nation put a lot of thinking into Bryant and the Patriots possibly coming to terms. They seem to believe that the veteran could be a great fit for the Patriots. However, they also said that although the Patriots may put some thought into this beforehand, ultimately they will only seriously pursue him if they are unable to find any DT talent in the draft.

RotoWorld.com ranked Bryant as the No.5 available DT, but with current off-field issues, more teams are now unlikely to consider the 6'6", 311 lb stud. So does this leave more opportunity for the Patriots? As stated above, the Patriots will likely target Bryant only if they fail to address the position in this year's upcoming NFL Draft.

However, say the Patriots do sign him... I'm pretty sure that every Patriots fan is aware that they deal with 'troubled' players better than the average NFL team. Randy Moss and Corey Dillon alone are perfect examples. Dillon was widely accepted as a difficult player to work with, but made an immediate impact as soon as he arrived in New England. His performance was key in the team's third Super Bowl victory run.

Moss on the other hand had way more off-field issues prior to joining the Pats. He broke into the league and was considered one of the best wide receivers within only a few years. Unfortunately for him, his off-field antics and lack of team-first mentality made him fade away in to a pool of average NFL receivers. Upon joining the Patriots in '07, Moss exploded back into the scene. His time in New England was arguably the best span of his career, and are main points in the argument that he is possibly the greatest receiver of all time.

Could the Patriots bring in Desmond Bryant and have the same effect? It certainly is possible. With less teams likely to be interested in the 27 year-old due to this arrest, the Patriots could possibly swoop in and make a signing, maybe even with a smaller price.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 2/24/2013 09:03:00 PM Edit

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