Pros and Cons of Signing Free Agent Wide Receiver Mike Wallace

For about a year now, Mike Wallace has been a big name on a lot of fans wish lists. But is Wallace actually a good fit for the Patriots?
Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace has been a
force at the receiver position since
his debut in 2009.

>> Wallace has tremendous down field speed.

>> He creates separation from defenders on the deep ball better than most receivers do without having to get too physical. This is mostly due to his ability to accelerate very quickly

>> Other than his contract issues, you really don't hear too much from the guy one way or the other. A productive receiver who keeps his mouth shut. A match made in heaven for Belichick?

>> Wallace is only 26. He was drafted in 2009, and has averaged 8 TD's a year on about 1000 yards receiving. Moreover, he's only caught the ball 235 times, for an average of 17.2 yards per reception, or in simple English, the man is a freak.


>> He's a pretty short deep ball guy. When fans rave about Wallace, I hear "A tall, fast guy that can stretch the field." Come on, just look at his Wikipedia page and you'll see that he's only 6 feet tall. He may be good at what he does, but make no mistake, this guy is no Calvin Johnson.

>> Mike Wallace lacks the versatility that Bill Belichick typically looks for in his players. Look at Aaron Hernandez, or Dont'a Hightower, or Gronk, or Brandon Lloyd. All of these guys are multi-faceted players. Wallace certainly is not.

>> Adding Mike Wallace could mean the end of another pass catcher on the team. Who would we let go of? Welker is a free agent, as is Deion Branch (my best bet to go).

>> Wallace is asking for big boy money. He will not come cheap, and the Patriots may not be able to afford bringing him in to help the team if they retain Welker, Branch, Danny Woodhead, Aqib Talib, and other priority free agents.