Aqib Talib and the CB market, what is going on?

So, now that the Welker situation has worked itself out (to the ire of many fans out there), the next shoe to drop appears to be Talib. The cornerback market is starting to take shape here around 5 mil per season, with the below deals.
[San Diego] completed a four-year, $20 million deal with Derek Cox... The contract carries a $5.2 million signing bonus with $10.25 million in guarantees, the amounts paid in the first two seasons.
The Broncos finished off an incredible day of free agent signings by getting cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to sign a 1-year deal for $5 million.

So, I have a feeling the same thing that happened with Welker is happening here with Talib. Talib was expecting Dunta Robinson, 9 mil per season money, and the Patriots once again correctly judged the market and probably have a deal similar to that Derek Cox 4 years 20 million dollar deal on the table. Talib is probably in that same stage Welker got into, where he is slowly starting to come to the realization that the market isn't where he thought it'd be. So, now is the point where Talib is going to start coming back to the Patriots and starting to do some small negotiations off the deal currently on the table. The difference here with Talib is that I don't think he took the initial Patriots offer as personally as Wes Welker did. It seems like once the Patriots offered Wes that 2 year 10 mil deal (plus hard-to-reach incentives) it was all over. He was insulted and mentally moved on right there and then. With Talib, there isn't that same relationship and he seems like a guy that always treats the NFL as a business, so understands when business decisions are made. There have been pretty much no reports on Talib anywhere else, and it sounds like we may be waiting on the Sean Smith shoe to drop before we get a Talib deal done. Once a few of these corners start dropping, the Patriots will up their offer JUST enough to get him back. The lethargy with which the market has moved is a good thing for us, just keep remembering that while your hatred for Bill in letting Wes go continues to grow.

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