Donald Jones signs with Patriots, despite Vince Wilfork almost killing him

Ok, so I made that same joke on Wilfork yesterday when it was reported he was visiting the Patriots. But this video is just so fun to watch, I'll use any excuse to post it. Credit to PatriotsLife's Benji for making it by the way.


Donald Jones is a bigger receiver (6 feet) and can really help the Patriots out. This will be an underrated signing but a good one.

Jones has some speed and is an outside player, sound like something people have been saying the Patriots need?

He isn't going to come in and be all Randy Moss, obviously, but he will give the Patriots some more dynamic options in the passing game. One of the other things that this tells me is how the Patriots are taking their free-agent visits seriously.

So far Leon Washington and Donald Jones have come to Foxboro, neither left without a contract. That is great news if you look at the fact that John Abraham, Adrian Wilson and Dwight Freeney are all visiting today. If the Patriots can lock all three up, and then sign Aqib Talib, Patriots fans should be pretty satisfied.