RB Marcus Lattimore to visit the Patriots

A torn ACL, MCL, and PCL... normally a horrific injury like that would end a career. Welp, there are always exceptions to the rule and South Carolina Marcus Lattimore is that exception. The freshman stud quickly turned heads when he rushed for 1,197 yards and 17 touchdowns. Unfortunately for him, the severe knee injury sidetracked his promising future and limited him to 16 games over the next two years.

BUT, as Nick Underhill brought up in his article, Patriots coach Bill Belichick loves value picks. With Lattimore flying under the radar, the Pats could possibly snag him with the 29th overall pick or maybe a second-rounder. Apparently the team extended an invitation to the RB for a private workout; a sign that they're interested. Lattimore explained that although he may have struggled with injuries in the past, he wants to prove people wrong:
"I want to be an inspiration," Lattimore told USA Today, the outlet that first reported his upcoming visit with the Patriots. "To let people know that with hard work, and when you trust in God, you can come back from anything and do anything."

Sounds like the kind of guy you want on your team. A proven running back with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. Obviously taking him with a high pick would be a risk, but considering teams pick busts in the first two rounds every single year, it may not be so dicey. It should also be noted that Lattimore's doctor said the kid has had a "superhuman" recover.

Anthony Aidonidis