Welp, you can probably cross Dwight Freeney off your list

With the Saints jumping in on the Freeney sweepstakes this week, things got a lot more complicated. So that leaves the Broncos, Patriots, Saints and Steelers as all apparent suitors for the services of Dwight Freeney. With so much interest, and with Dumervil inking a nice deal with the Ravens, it seems Freeney has a little bit of leverage and thus some salary demands.

I've maintained all along that I wanted Dwight Freeney in New England, but at $6 million/year? I might think again.

I've also said when I see a list of three or more teams in on a player, I'll count the Patriots out. That plus the whole Tom Condon factor give the impression that Dwight Freeney won't be in New England this season. A shame especially when at one time New England was really seen as the major suitor.

This leaves John Abraham as the ever likely signing for the Patriots, if they end up signing anyone at all. Abraham's visit with the team seems like forever ago. NEPatriotsDraft's Mike Loyko has been adamant all along that the Patriots had interest in signing Abraham and cites a source as saying Denver is still in the race and that he'll likely end up in orange or navy blue.

Who could've guessed that the veteran defensive end market would've turned into such a circus?