So I have no idea what the below quote means, but it doesn't sound great.

The one Pittsburgh Steelers receiver that doesn't seem to be leaving town, Antonio Brown, was on Sirius XM NFL Radio earlier this afternoon and had some interesting things to say about Emmanuel Sanders.

Transcript courtesy SteelersDepot.com

"I don't think that they (the Steelers) really like guys that don't do things their way," said Brown. "There's a certain professional way that they go about their business and I don't think that they make decisions with guys that don't go about things in the way that they should. So in my opinion, I don't think he'll come back. It's just not smart to get a guy for one year at a price that you can get a guy for four years."

Brown admitted that he didn't expect Brown back next year, but what did he mean by that whole "do things their way" thing?

The Patriots have 0 coaching connections on the Steelers, so they don't have anyone on their staff at least that can vouch for Sanders. The move is likely 100% based on how they feel he performs on the field. This stuff that Brown is talking about sounds like it could be the same stuff that ex-Patriots are made out of.

Still, that's a pretty ambiguous statement, and as Steelers Depot points out, the first part of the interview was inaudible so any clues we had as to what he meant was lost. My interpretation would be that it is Brown criticizing his work ethic, but again, who knows?

Michael Saver 4/12/2013 09:43:00 PM Edit

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