Remember when Dwight Freeney and John Abraham visited Foxborough?

Yeah, that was over a month and a half ago, and neither have found teams. The reason? Despite the fact that both are aging veterans past their prime, they are looking for big pay days.

This hasn't been the best off-season for players looking for that, even a lot of guys in their prime have had to settle for low one year deals. So, why would an exception be made for some of these older guys?

Sensing that, Dwight Freeney for one has decided to lower his price.


Freeney requested $8 million annually is his initial contract talks with the Denver Broncos, according to the Denver Post. NFL Network's Michelle Beisner reported not long after that the Broncos remained hot on Freeney's trail, but were unwilling to meet his demands of $6 million annually.

Now that the 2013 NFL Draft is over, the Denver Post reports Freeney will settle for a deal similar to Osi Umenyiora's $8.5 million over two seasons. It's still more than the Broncos are willing to spend after signing Shaun Phillips a contract with a $1 million base salary.

Settle for Umenyiora money? Good luck with that Freeney. The Broncos, or Patriots for that matter, likely won't be interested unless Freeney comes way down.

The same goes for Abraham who NFL.com reports is looking for $5 million a year even if he's playing terribly. That's not the kind of contract the Patriots are in the business of handing out.

The Saints and Steelers were other teams rumored to be in line for Freeney's services.

Michael Saver 4/30/2013 01:19:00 PM Edit

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