The annual NFL All-Star game, referred to as the Pro Bowl, has received its fair share of criticism over the years. From fans complaining that the game is simply pointless to players giving half-hearted efforts, the Pro Bowl has been less than ideal for the NFL. With recent talks of possibly canceling the game all together, there may be one last hope.

According to reports, the Pro Bowl may adopt a similar approach to the NHL All-Star game; there will be a player draft, with teams chosen by elected captains. Jason La Canfora of CBS.com summed up the situation:

The NFLPA proposal, in which team captains and/or other parties pick players for two Pro Bowl teams once fan voting/team selection is complete, was presented to the owners two weeks ago at the league meeting and continues to generate positive momentum, sources said. There are no dissenting voices and league officials met this week to add to the skeleton they have in place for the format change, though more work must be done.

So what do you think? With a nationally televised 'Pro Bowl Draft' thrown in the mix, maybe a few more fans would be inclined to tune in. Personally, I think I would be more interested in the draft than the actual game. Even still, a fun twist like this could show one of the captains choosing a rival over one of his very own teammates, or other similar situations. For the NFL All-Star Game to survive, this is the best move.

With the Pro Bowl still on the NFL schedule for this upcoming season, a decision on the new rules will likely come out soon.

Anthony Aidonidis

Unknown 4/05/2013 12:23:00 PM Edit

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