This offseason, the perception that the Patriots had a lot of money to spend seemed to be in the majority of people’s minds. Some people think that they did a good job in free agency and some people don’t, but this is why sports is great; everyone has an opinion. Along with many more, there are three players I wish the Patriots had gone out and got. It's strictly an opinion piece, but these are my top three, in order.

1. Ed Reed
Ed Reed is someone that had every characteristic we needed in a safety. He had experience, leadership, talent and best of all has been relatively healthy his entire career.

The fact that the Patriots didn’t go out and get him when he signed a reasonable deal in Houston baffles me. Reed signed a 3-year 15 million dollar deal with just $6 mil guaranteed. To me, that is a reasonable cost. Reed has been a ball hawk his entire career and even showed some skill on special teams. The explanation doesn’t need to be any longer than that because he’s that good. This was my number one player to go out and get.

2. Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings has always posted good stats while being on a team full of options. Green Bay, like New England, has multiple threats on offense and as far as difficulty they mirror each other.

Jennings is smart enough to get what we want from him and has the athleticism to do it. Put plainly, he would have been the best outside receiver the Patriots have had since Moss.

He signed a lower end deal, but was more than what the Patriots offered. I believe the difference was a few million and to let a player you want go over a few million bucks is bad business. If you want him, go get him unless the difference is crazy. The things Brady can do with lack-luster talent makes me and every other Patriot fan salivate at the thought of him and Jennings. But tongue back in the mouth ladies and gentlemen, we didn’t get him.

3. Sean Smith or Rodgers-Cromartie

In the last spot I couldn’t choose because it didn’t matter to me that much.

They are relatively similar in stature and the fact is the secondary needed improvement. Sean Smith has a little better ball skills, but nonetheless I wanted another corner, especially if Dennard is out.

Both Smith and Rodgers-Cromartie are taller corners, which I like. Smith is 6’3 and Rodgers-Cromartie is 6’2. The bigger you are the more able you are to take out a player like Mike Wallace. Being bigger allows you to be physical at the line and thus disrupting the natural game of a wide receiver.

Wide receivers are built for speed. They want to beat you quick or fast not through strength most of the time. There are rare exceptions like Terrell Owens, Calvin Johnson and Dwayne Bowe (who almost made my list). The wide receiver position is switching to bigger athletes and I think the corner position needs to adapt as well.

Wes Welker doesn’t make the list because it’s a different topic about bringing guys in not re-signings. Just thought I’d mention that before I get a bunch of crap.

Josh Brown

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