Although we all know it really is true, Steelers safety Ryan Clark made it a point to address one of Patriots QB Tom Brady's few flaws; he "sees ghosts" when under pressure. Clark caught some heat for this comment, because this is a flaw that a majority of quarterbacks have. When you are feeling the pressure and your receivers are covered, it is significantly harder to remain poised and ignore the instinct to flinch.

Everybody who watches football knows that not only Brady does this, but most quarterbacks do. Looks like Clark was reminded of either the Steelers record against the Patriots or that Brady could come after him in week nine (ask Antonio Smith, who guaranteed a win against the Pats in '07). The safety gave Brady all the praise in the world when he was asked who he thought the toughest QB to face was:

"I have to go with the greatest living American, and that's Tom Brady," Clark said, via WEEI-FM. "You know, I said what I said, and I do believe it, and it's true. But when this guy has the opportunity to set up and throw the ball to his receivers, there's nobody better at pinpointing guys out and making plays for his team."
Is Clark just buttering Brady up? Maybe a little bit, but we all know that even when Brady gets criticism from other players or even fans, there's still a high level of respect for what the future Hall of Famer has done/continues to do. As for Brady being the greatest living American... yup I have to say I agree.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 5/10/2013 02:24:00 PM Edit

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