First Brandon Deaderick, then Kyle Love and now Jeremy Ebert.

All either seventh round picks or undrafted free-agents by the Patriots, and all picked up by the Jaguars in the past eight days.

You might first think, well, obviously the Patriots are a good team, so why wouldn't you pick up their cast offs when you aren't a good team. However, there's one fatal flaw with that line of thinking. Yes, the Patriots are a good team, but they're a good team because they're smart. It's not too often that they let players go and they go off to great success on another team.

It's not just the Patriots either, remember when Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore let Adalius Thomas go to New England? That worked out real well.

Jeremy Ebert was a seventh round pick of the Patriots in last year's draft. He did not make final cuts out of training camp and bounced around on and off the roster up until this point.

Michael Saver 5/22/2013 07:03:00 PM Edit

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