It's the off-season, so whenever New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady speaks, it's big news. Particularly if it's news that he could be getting even better.

"Going into my 14th year, I have never had more confidence in how I am throwing the football," Brady told Sports Illustrated's Peter King at a Best Buddies volunteer event. "I've never felt better throwing the football." (Source)

Which is good news. He can throw better than he did when he was torching NFL defenses in 2007 and 2010, and 2011 and... pretty much every year he's been playing. For Brady, a QB who relies heavily on his accurate passing, to have this confidence is good, especially after the passing of his old coach  Tom Martinez. The man who has taken over from Martinez, Tom House, is doing his job well it seems...

"The same way Tom Martinez was always there to watch and give me corrections, Tom House has told me why certain corrections need to be made," Brady said. "Look at a baseball swing and a golf swing. It's all mechanics. Look at how Barry Bonds swings. Look at how Floyd Mayweather punches. Mechanics. When you've got to fit it into the tightest windows, mechanics are crucial. And to me, the offseason is crucial. If you make a throw within four feet, that's not going to be good enough. You have to make the throw within four inches of your target. That's good enough. And that's why the mechanics you adjust and learn in the offseason are important. You're going to keep them during the season." 

Maybe it's the loss of Wes Welker, or the questions marks surrounding... well, every other weapon on the offense, but Brady sounds like he's really trying to get more accurate. But, I guess Brady tries to get better every year, because he's Tom Brady, he's a perfectionist. So to look too far into these quotes would be a mistake. It's good to know that he's comfortable with a new tutor, and hopefully he's showing Brady things from different angles to help him improve.

Not that there's much to improve on anyway... I think we can all agree that Tommy's pretty damn perfect. But the three time Super Bowl champion, two time league MVP, and certain HOFer is working this hard in the offseason to get better than 4827 yards, 34 TDs and just 8 INTs.

Patriots rookies - take note.

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Brendan Annely 5/20/2013 10:49:00 AM Edit

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