ESPN's Seth Wickersham recently wrote a must-read article on Tom Brady last week. I posted on one of my favorite quotes from the article about Kurt Warner. For the most part, a lot of the article contained stuff about Brady that you'd already know if you had been listening to his often times very candid weekly WEEI interviews the past few years.

Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston was able to get his hands on Wickersham's notebook however and there are some great quotes that didn't make the final cut.

One of which really drives home the point that Brady if absolutely obssessed with his job.

"No. It’s all consuming. There isn’t a moment that I don’t think about playing. As I walk by the mirror in the morning I’ll go through a throwing mechanic. It’s just ingrained in every aspect of my life. There’s no off button. And I guess I’ve experienced a lot of things in my life, and there’s nothing -- I mean, I love my family and I love my kids, and that’s a part of my life and football is a part of my life -- but there’s not many other things. Like, golf is my favorite hobby and I love golf, but if I never play another day of golf in my life it would never bother me. I’d be, 'OK, no problem.'"

That's exactly what I want to hear my Quarterback saying. I love how he says he goes through a throwing mechanic when he walks by a mirror, that's absolute dedication. It's no wonder he's been able to maintain such a high level of play for so long.

It's an attitude that a lot of quarterbacks lack. The mental part. The dedication and willingness to put your entire life into being a quarterback. Do you think guys with great potential like Vince Young were as obsessed as Brady? Probably not.

It's one of the reasons that Brady is so widely praised, and as he pointed out further, doesn't get much flack in the media.

"People always say, 'Oh, the media in Boston are so hard, how do you deal with that?' I’m like, 'the media in Boston have been so great. Are you kidding me? They’ve never said a bad thing about me.' I’ve been very fortunate in that sense. And we’ve won a lot of games, and hopefully I never give them a reason. That’s what drives me."

Via Sports Glory

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