Aaron Hernandez has been the center of police investigation involving the murder of Odin Lloyd. No one has known exactly that the charges being levied against Hernandez were.

The Patriots tight end was cuffed and arrested earlier this morning, he was released by the Patriots shortly afterwards. After media reports that Hernandez had destroyed his security system and cell phone it was thought he might at least be facing obstruction of justice charges. It appears to have gone beyond that in a worst case scenario.

Aaron Hernandez is being accused of not only executing the murder itself, but planning it as well.

After the Patriots released Hernandez so quickly, it was thought they might've had some knowledge of what the charges could be.

Hernandez has been linked to the crime because the body was found almost a mile from Hernandez's home with a rental car registered to him nearby.

During the arraignment, the prosecution detailed the evidence they have against Hernandez.

Apparently, some 5-8 hours of surveillance footage was missing from Hernandez's home. The cellphone was still intact. Based on texts taken from Hernandez's phone, the police were able to build a case against Hernandez. According to these cell phone records, Hernandez apparently did not trust Lloyd according to his texts after he spoke to people Hernandez did not like on Friday night.

Hernandez made arrangements to meet with the victim a few days later, and then told some associates to urgently come up.

Lloyd was sending texts around 3:20 in the morning to his sister asking if she knew who he was with. He said "NFL" as a hint. From surveillance footage in the area, the police were able to see Hernandez's car disappear into the area where the body was found. They report that nearby workers working the overnight shift heard gun shots at the time the car was out of sight.

The police do not believe Lloyd had been dumped, but had been killed right there. Hernandez and his associates are then seen carrying guns after arriving home on Hernandez's surveillance footage. The footage is cut off shortly after they leave the car and enter the house.

The police also found shell casings in the car Hernandez was driving.

Hernandez is not licensed to carry any firearms.

If convicted, Hernandez faces life in prison for first degree murder according to Massachusetts law.

The prosecution asked that Hernandez be held without bail and their request was granted.

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