Calm down a little bit after reading that headline. This new bit of news doesn't bring us any closer to drawing any informed conclusions here. Police have been in and out of Hernandez's house ever since last night. They took two men away from the home, but both seemed to be going voluntarily. Authorities have searched the house, cars, seemingly everything according to reports.

We have no idea the level of Aaron Hernandez's involvement in the murder case, yet. Things don't look good, but we still don't know much.

That said, WBZ is reporting that police haven't ruled him out as a suspect.

And I say all of that because the latest report will raise some eyebrows and/or drop some jaws. According to Karen Anderson of WBZ-TV in Boston, Hernandez has not been ruled out as a suspect in the death of an “associate” found roughly a mile from his North Attleboro home. Anderson also reports that Hernandez currently is not cooperating with authorities. (There had been conflicting reports as to whether Hernandez was initially uncooperative.)

Mike Florio is careful to note in the full article that there have been conflicting reports on Hernandez's level of cooperation and also that an unnamed source is not enough to assume any involvement by Hernandez here.

On the surface, thing seem bad for sure though.

Michael Saver 6/19/2013 11:39:00 AM Edit

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